Tracking coupled with DashCam option gives a comprehensive view of the GPS Vehicle tracking experience. You can opt to purchase the GPS integrated option or the save to SD Card option for video retrieval which is economical


This is the No Frills tracking solution but smart enough to pull in vehicle computer data such as the Vehicle Speed, Engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel level and many other data from the vehicle for fleet management, besides GPS location data.

It uses the ODB2 diagnostics port for powering so anyone can just plug in the vehicles diagnostics port and start tracking.

GPS360 Talk

This comes with the speaker and microphone where the driver can be contacted directly by calling the tracking system. The tracking microphone and speaker systems are well installed for maximum communication between the driver and owners.

This is ideal for remote workers and delivery or project teams working along the Highlands Highway.

In House Design

Our experience in development allows us to create every day tracking ideas for our crowd here in PNG. We also design and develop mobile applications in-house that are made to benefit each user who decides to download our apps.