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GPS Tracking Systems for our PNG Clients

We know our industry and we continually improve to value add and invent to put our systems a step ahead of the rest


The Core features of our tracking systems

By default, the core features are what make the whole tracking experience wanting


You now know your vehicle is used after hours as it will flag you when used at night. You can also program to allow only authorised drivers to use the vehicle after hours or automate to lock down after hours.

You can now safely shutdown and rest your vehicle remotely using mobile phones and laptops. You can also shutdown locally using the emergency button. Our advanced features mean you can program what times to lock down and rest


This is important for Construction vehicles, or delivery vehicles to alert for deliveries. If the vehicle is in the wrong place, you know something is wrong and you can action immediately.


If you are running a plant hire business or a construction company and charging clients by the hour, you can now quickly invoice using the tracking systems

If your driver or anyone is in an emergency, they can activate the emergency systems in the car. The response is swift and remedy actions can be taken quickly

About Us

A start-up technology portfolio with a progressive agenda.

We know our strengths and weakness. Thus, we learn everyday to improve and invent to improve our systems ground up.

Our Loyal Customers

Getting customers is one thing; holding on loyalty is everything

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competitive pricing

You pay for what you use

Tracking systems are cost centers initially but they become production items quickly because of how much cost they can save for you.

They will save you alot of time and money by effectively using the tracking systems.

You also save on vehicle thefts as the system has disable features installed.

Popular Tracking

Monthly Fees only

K120/per month
Shutdown Features
Emergency Features
After Hour Alerts
Overspeed Alerts
Geo-fencing Alerts
Fuel Consumptions


People Say About Us

We thank GPS360 for saving our Toyota Hilux in Lae and also supporting our operations along the Highlands Highway.  

Sarah Watson | New Guinea Fruit Company

We are happy with the geo-fencing. We know when the delivery is done at the Brian Bell Home Centres and when they are leaving these sites.

Luke Williams | Brian Bell Warehouse Manager | Gerehu

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