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Its all about our customers

Getting new customers is one this but holding onto them is everything! Thus, we work on our relationship with our customers to provide reliable solutions that are efficient in their needs.

The tracking applications used by our customers in their operations are summarised here:

Advanced Fleet Tracking
Voice + GPS Tracking
VIdeo + GPS Tracking

Features by industries

Core GPS Tracking Features used by
our customers are!

Our customers business prominently feature in the areas of Hire Cars, Government Departments, Constructions Companies, Logistics and Private sector. The Core features are below but not limited to:

Our engine control features will disable your vehicle if stolen. The GPS360 Tracking systems are your first responders this situations.

Fuel usage after hours is an event that bites that budget. This is also an indication of driver behaviour and by using GPS360 systems, you can stay on to of these issues.

Each vehicle has its fuel eco rating but their consumption can be exacerbated by the driving style such as idling, harsh accelerations, braking and cornerings.

Usually over holidays, weekends you can lock-down the vehicles at a certain time and release after the time is up.

Location timing is what this feature can capture and our clients have used this feature to time delivery vehicles, how long a machinery as spent on site, or to restrict vehicles to go to certain areas.

If you a Logistics Company, you can share the location and tracking information of the package to the Customer

Value Add "KastomWok"

We add value add to the Tracking Services.
We also customized apps with new
new advanced features

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Local Shutdown

We program advanced GPS360 systems to locally shutdown the vehicle if the driver activates the Emergency Buttons


Customised Apps

Create custom apps for our Customers to control their vehicles quickly without using internet. The core function include shutdown/reset, get current location and check doors etc.

Command Centre

Control Room Setup

Setup Customized control room for our clients to monitor and track their fleet.

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Customers Say About Us

We value every feedback from our customers and here are some of their feedbacks.

“We know where our drivers are doing the delivery. We are happy with the tracking.”
Sarah Watson | Niugini Fruit Co
Brian Bell
“Thank you, guys! I’m very satisfied with your tracking.”
Luke Williams | Brian Bell Gerehu
“Great improvements on the Driver Behaviour thanks to GPS Vehicle Tracking!”
Dr Sibauk Bieb | Dept of Health

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The backend office is at Koki, Shop 12, Portion 3883, Healy Parade.

The front office is at the Ground Floor of Stanley Hotel, Sir John Guise Drive, Waigani NCD

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