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Video Recording and GPS Tracking

Video Recording and GPS Tracking

Complete view Video recording and GPS Tracking features. Synchronise these videos automatically to your office when the vehicles arrive at the office. Correlate the video with location and get an appreciation of fleet tracking experience

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Control Fuel - Control Business Cost

Control Fuel - Control Business Cost

Why most companies install GPS Tracking Devices is to Control the Fuel Consumption of their Vehicles. It involves reading important parameters of fuel and conditions that affect the use of fuel. Important parameters of control are ...

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Advanced Fleet Management software

Advanced Fleet Management software

Synchronise your Alerts locally inside the vehicle, on the tracking platform or on your mobile phone with our fleet management software

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vehicle shutdown

Shutdown using SOS Button installed in the vehicle and also using Customised App

customised apps

Get your own customised App to control the vehicle your way. Thats right we develop those apps for you your way

roaming networks

The fear of tracking in remote sites where only one network is not a problem with our trackers. They use any network to track and provide the information you need

tracking dashboard

You can access the tracking Dashboard quickly to get the picture of your fleet from movements to maintenance data

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Our clients say

"They seem to know the tracking systems well and give us the support we need. • We make direct voice calls to drivers to give instructions. This is one of the features we use in our operations • It is important that we get reports of our fleet. ◦ After hour vehicle use alerts is important as a few of the vehicles operate in remote areas so we know when the vehicles are used at night ◦ Speed Alert Reports along the Highlands Highway ◦ Vehicle Maintenance reports such and reminders of safety and MVIL registration expiry ◦ We get emails when vehicles arrive/leave at certain areas. This is important to get the timing of each vehicle for our operations We will now be using their live video capturing features so we know what is happening at delivery sites and other areas of concern. They are fast to respond to calls and request from us and we have had no issues with their service by far."
Sarah Watson
New Guinea Fruit Company
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