We are proud to introduce our new tracking software that is hardware independent and very economical for tracking systems in PNG.
The tracking software is quite attractive on the following features:

Independent of Tracker Units

Our software supports hundreds of trackers currently used in the market. If you are paying higher fees for tracking business, you might want to come to us to use our software.

We migrate for free – no additional cost. Simple as that.

Very Economical Software fees

Our Software is tailored towards supporting tracking companies in PNG. If you are running a Tracking company in PNG, we would like to make a special offer on the fees.

We support advanced features for fleet management

The system is very friendlier on the fleet management side. Advanced logical and conditional commands can be setup based on a fleet condition for fleet reporting.

The system can support systems such as Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and related systems. Fleet controller can send direct information to remote site workers via SMS, coordinates for the next work and so on.

Existing clients

We will be moving our existing clients to this new platform. We will be running a series of training during these times.

The current software will be supported until July 2017. If you happy with the existing system and don’t want to move yet, let us know.

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