Tracking Platform Left Tab Un/Hide

    Tracking Platform – Left Tab Un/Hide TO hide and unhide the left tab for the tracking platform, move the mouse over to the left vertical column until the mouse pointer changes to hand, then click to hidde/unhide. See picture              

Advanced Tracking and Logic Functions

Tracking Systems with Advanced Computational Features Our Trackers Support advanced features such as: Timer functions Advanced Mathematical and logical functions Advanced Input/Output Functions Voice Alerts for Over-speeds, Emergency, After Hours, Geo-fence and many others Cold Storage and Cargo transportation Support Cargo Tailagte Control and shutdowns Container Monitoring Tourists Cargo and luggage protection Mining, Government and…

New Tracking Dashboard

The Front Login Page We often change the Front Login Page from time to time to reflect new features and generic events. If you are one of our suppliers and would like to brand your services, please contact us for support. Dashboard and Maintenance Records The Fleet Dashboard Panel has been added to the tracking…

Why your Mobile Tracking Site Not Loads on your Phone?

    Tracking Site Not Loading on Your Mobile App?? ——————————————————————————————————— 2 Possible Issues Internet not on your phone – your mobile data is not on or data credits ran out You have just came out of a phone call. Note that your SIM card uses that same channel for data, voice and sms.Thus, during…

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